Carolan at CHI

Carolan would like to welcome you to CHI 2016 in San Jose. Here’s a few Carolan-related resources you might want to explore.

First up is the Accountable Artefacts paper that we’ll be presenting in the final session on Monday 9th. And here’s the video preview, featuring a short soundtrack from Carolan.

If you want to meet Carolan in person then you’ll find us at the CHI Interactivity. Why not drop by and have a scan or play and perhaps even record a tune or thought for Carolan’s blog.

Carolan employs a technology called Artcodes to realize its interactive decorative inlay. You can download the Artcodes app for free from iTunes and Google Play. Not only will this let you scan Carolan and other Artcode decorated artefacts, but you can also use the app to configure your own digital content and also scan your own codes.

Visit the Artcodes community site to find our more about how to draw Artcodes and configure interactive experiences, including tutorials and examples of beautiful creations from our growing community of artisans.

Sometimes you need to unwind from the intensity of a CHI conference. To help you guitar lovers to do that we have collated a list of guitar and music shops in the San Jose area that you can escape to to recharge those batteries!

First up is the Guitar Centre located at 3677 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95051… or you could head on down to Guitar showcase who offer the largest selection of acoustic guitars in Northern California! If you need some repairs doing to your loved one then get yourself to Rex’s Guitar Works. If seeing and playing Carolan has inspired you to get a handmade guitar built to your own design, seek out C. B. Perkins Luthiers. Guitar Wars, another San Jose guitar shop, also promote themselves as a local music culture hub, to forge partnerships with members of the community; artists, organizers, craftspeople, rebels. If you’re looking music items other than guitars then the Tap Tempo or Music Village will have what you’re looking for.

…and how about some musical inspiration at the end of a busy CHI day, use these links to find out about the San Jose live music scene.

First up is a general venue guide. San Jose Downtown provides a gig guide for the local area. If you fancy performing yourself then the South Bay Live Music site lists all the Jazz, Blues and Folk open mic nights in the area. Check out the South Bay Guitar Society, they will let you know about all things ‘guitar’ happening in SJ. If you’re looking for the big concerts with international superstars then check out the Stereoboard gig guide.

CHI 2016 Performers

The Carolan guitar has been making some new friends at the Interactivity demo sessions this week. Here are the videos of those kind people who have contributed performances with the carolan guitar.


Enjoy your time at CHI and thank you for engaging with the Carolan Guitar.