10. Mahogony

At last it’s time to begin building. Infused with the spirit of sustainability, Nick has sourced a piece of reclaimed mahogany for the neck of our guitar. We only wish that we could know it’s full story. Was it a wardrobe? Or perhaps part of a boat?


Whatever it’s previous history, it is now going to become a guitar, so it’s to the workshop to cut it down to size and begin to plane it down to form the neck …

seCicqWb91n49oEN-bQjcha_oPCXOEnd-gkaC2HF-CUNick then prepares a template for the back and sides …


And marks up our flamed maple ready for cutting, bookmatching and gluing …


As Nick begins to work the actual wood, the prospect of the Carolan guitar suddenly seems so much more real. Mind you, there is still a long way to go and now it is the turn of  our software team to get on with the process of testing the patterns that will decorate this wood once it is prepared …

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