Folk AI

At first sight, folk music and artificial intelligence might appear to be worlds apart. However, there is a growing overlap between the two including fascinating experiments with AI trying to compose traditional sounding tunes.

In this unique workshop, Professor Steve Benford will introduce the audience to AI generated folk music, engaging them with questions such as.

  • How can AI compose ‘traditional’ music, and is it any good?
  • How does this raise new possibilities for human musicians?
  • What might this mean for the future of the folk tradition?

Steve will walk the audience through the process of AI generating traditional music, will play along to tunes live, and will invite the audience to reflect on what they are hearing. Depending on the time available and size of audience, it may be possible to get the audience to play some of the tunes for themselves and even try their hand at generating new using AI.

Steve is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham where he directs the Creative Programme of the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub, a major research programme exploring the future of artificial intelligence. He is also an experienced musician, regularly performing traditional music at clubs and festivals.

Here’s a video of Steve accompanying a set of AI generated reels at the MUSAiC festival in Stockholm:

Further background can be found here …