56. CHI

Carolan has been to CHI – the ACM’s annual conference on Computer Human Interaction. CHI 2016 was held in San Jose and was attended by over 2000 people. Carolan had a busy time. First, on the Monday, Steve presented the “Accountable Artefacts” paper that we discussed in posts 55 and 54. It seems to have been well received winning an Honorable Mention in the Papers and Notes awards category (given to 5% of the scientific papers submitted to the conference) as well as a separate Honorable Mention as an Art Paper, a new category at the conference this year.

Then Carolan took part in CHI Interactivity, the conference exhibition of new interactive technologies that runs twice daily over the four days of the event.


This was a great chance to meet many researchers as well as some new players …


We were delighted at all the interest, enthusiasm and comment we received about Carolan, as we had some great discussions around design, artcodes, internet of things, the history of objects and of course music. A special thank you to those new friends who contributed a tune. Here’s sample of them, more to come soon …

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