109. Chris

We continue with our residency series in which Carolan has been staying with members of Beeston’s Second Time Around Folk Club, learning their songs and hearing about their musical inspirations and journeys (Post 81). We spent several weeks at home with Chris Morris, a regular performer at the club’s Friday night gatherings and at Nottingham’s Carrington Triangle club on Wednesdays (Post 79). Thanks for your time, thoughts, and of course for your music Chris. Over to you …

I started playing a nylon string guitar next to a  camp fire in the Scouts in about 1964.  Another Scout (John Morley) was a great help in my learning the instrument; I still play a couple of the songs he taught me!
I’m a big admirer of Bob Dylan so had a blow on a harmonica and found I could play it with my guitar, I’m very lucky to be able to do that.

I also used to play five string banjo and mandolin but these have fallen by the wayside. A ‘friend’ accidentally sat on the banjo breaking it in two, I couldn’t afford to get it repaired so it went in the attic.
I took up the Bodhran (Irish drum) which is great for playing along at music sessions.

I saved all my pennies and managed to buy a cheap flute when I was about 25 years old. A friend who played flute taught me some basics. Thirty five years later I had proper lessons – I had to relearn the whole thing, you even have to know how to stand and breath properly! Hopefully I can play it better now!

I’ve been befriended by a super special Carolan guitar and we get on very well. My flute and harmonica have been happy to meet and have a play with Carolan as well. Pastures new are now due, it’s been good meeting you Carolan, see you around sometime soon!

A note about the songs:-

As I Roved Out  –  a traditional song accompanied by a stylish guitar, about someone marrying for money and having regrets. Some people think there may be more reasons for the marriage, such as that her real husband had to go to war and he was only technically her husband just to maintain the farm due to some law or custom at the time, hence the words in the last verse. I thought I’d play flute on the intro as I’ve not seen this done before with the same person playing both instruments live.

Chris performs the traditional song as I Roved Out

Turn, Turn, Turn  –  is a song written by the great Pete Seeger in the early 1950’s. Biblical words from the Book of Ecclesiastes. It’s been covered by many singers. I thought it would suit Carolan and harmonica.

Chris performs Pete Seeger’s Turn, Turn, Turn

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