29. OxJam

Congratulations to the Beeston Oxjam Takeover festival for raising more than £12,000 for Oxfam and managing to schedule over 70 artists across 14 venues during a single day and bringing in 4,000 people to see them all. A huge success.

Carolan took up residence on Jimmy’s sofa at The Guitar Spot throughout the festival where it got to meet artistes as well as folks who were just passing through. We captured some great stories about guitars, thoughts about the project, and songs and tunes too, which will be appearing on the blog over the coming weeks just as soon as we’ve edited them. Steve also gave Carolan a public outing with a set of tunes on the ‘Relish Stage’.

In the meantime, huge thanks to Heather and the Oxjam team, to Mr Jimmy Wiggington for hosting us on his sofa (and for the great stories and blues too) and to all the players who came along and took part.

You will be able to hear them all over the coming weeks and also read more in a forthcoming edition of The Beestonian. In the meantime, here are a few reminders of Carolan’s festival. Here’s to Oxjam 2015 (sorry Heather)!

Carolan’s role of honour from the 2014 Beeston Oxjam Takeover …

Chris Zwingel


Emma Bladon Jones

Jasmin Issaka

Joe Barber


Paul and Anna Heery


Matt and Elaine from Pop Orchestra

Phil Langran


Marc Block


Alan Windsor


Jeremy Galgut

Jim Dunn


Steve Benford



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