34. Accessorize

Time for a nerdy interlude while we get on with editing some more videos.

We don’t know about you, but there’s something really exciting about nosing around in other people’s guitar cases, exploring their nooks and crannies in search of accessories. A touring guitar case needs to be well stocked with pretty much every accessory that might be needed on the road, plus a few more gadgets and gizmos for good measure.

We may be in danger of over-sharing, but here are the contents of Carolan’s case. First there’s the case itself. It’s a Hiscox Pro II, a hard minder of a case that offers serious protection to Carolan and that also doubles up as a small stage, body shield or even a canoe in extremis. It also comes in a chic Cream colour, reminiscent of late period Elvis.

Open up and the case and you should be greeted with a selection of strings, posters, gig tickets and other ephemera gathered from Carolan’s travels.

Other stuff you may find in the case

Lift the flap and look in the neck box and you’ll find a well stocked larder of accessories …

Inside the case part I

  • Carolan branded plectrums (0.65 gauge) with scannable aestheticode pattern (unless Jim has nicked them all);
  • String winder;
  • Pair of pliers/snippers;
  • Shubb capo;
  • Nail lacquer/strengthener;
  • White sticky paper and back tape for those of us who need to temporarily replace the gypsy-jazz 10th fret marker with a 9th fret marker; and
  • Cool Carolan badge (you can scan this too).

But there’s even more to explore as Carolan usually travels with a small personal case containing it’s demo and recording equipment:

  • Apple iPad air;
  • Sony video camera with stereo pair mic;
  • Camera tripod;
  • Guitar stand; and
  • Even more strings.

The accessories case

Inside the accessories case

So that’s what we’re packing when we travel. How about you? What’s in your case and what ‘must have’ accessories do we need to seek out and buy this Christmas?

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