33. Bluesmen

Welcome to the first of our 2014 Beeston Oxjam Takeover retrospectives. First up, Jimmy Wigginton takes time out from running the Guitar Spot to sit down on his own sofa and play us some blues on Carolan.

As someone who has traded guitars for many years, Jimmy is able to regale us with some fine guitar stories including how one well-known Jazz guitarist came to buy the same guitar for the third time.

Read more of Jimmy’s stories and his thoughts about guitars and Carolan in Issue 32 of Beeston’s wonderful organ the Beestonian (strap line – ‘Half a Decade of Beeston Based Babbling’). Later on, we’re joined by Jimmy’s young protégé and one-time student Joe ‘Slide’ Barber who takes a slide to Carolan for this version of Statesboro Blues. http://youtu.be/DotNN0NmIf4 Now we’re sounding mean and honky. Positively ‘mardy’ as they say around these parts. Surely we can’t get any more miserable?  … hmmm … next up it’s the  the singer-songwriters.

5 thoughts on “33. Bluesmen

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