85. Injury Time

More video making for Carolan, this time with the Phil Langran Band in the all too brief gap between national lockdowns in the UK when we were able to gather outside . It was a blustery and chilly October day with the sun rapidly heading for the horizon, so the idea of micing Carolan in the usual way was quickly dismissed due to likely ‘wind noise’ (if you know what we mean), leaving us to resort to a DI input from its onboard Fishman Matrix pickup. We rigged as many cameras as we could in the garden and played through Phil’s songs until our fingers began to turn numb. Here’s Injury Time which features a delicate finger-picked part from Carolan throughout. We think it sounds pretty decent, at least for a DI, thanks to some magic by Frank McCarthy in the studio, and indeed also with the video editing. It was lovely to play together properly after months of being unable to get together, even if was only for a fleeting afternoon. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet again soon in 2021.

Playing Injury Time with the Phil Langran Band

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