97. Gigging again

The end of July saw a relaxation of COVID restrictions here in the UK and life started to return to the ‘new normal’. For Carolan, this meant back to gigging again. We began gently with a Phil Langran Band gig in Mark’s garden to a select audience of friends. How very considerate of him to build us a stage under the guise of garden decking.

Getting back into gigging on Mark’s garden (photo courtesy of Jenny Langran)

Carolan made a guest appearance when a slide guitar (in open D minor tuning) was needed. It was also a chance to deploy the Tone Dexter(Post 89) in anger. It worked pretty well, with easy swapping over between Carolan, Steve’s Brook Tavy guitar, and even a banjo for a couple of songs, each with its own trained sound dialled in to the preamp.

Playing Slide on Carolan at the garden gig (photo by Jenny Langran)

Then onto the Beeston Oxjam Takeover on September the 25th, a favourite festival that we’ve written about in previous years (Posts 70, 36 and 33). Steve and Carolan played a set at the Circle Eatery, before heading over to the Star Inn with the Phil Langran Band.

An early-doors Oxjam set at the Circle Eatery (photo by Chris Frost)
On to the Star Inn with the Phil Langran Band (photo by Chris Frost)

The festival organisers wondered whether people would turn out in force or whether many would be more cautious than usual. It turned out to be the former, with the festival selling well over 1000 tickets and raising over £19,500 for Oxjam in the process.

It was great to knock the dust off and get gigging again. Let’s hope it’s here to stay!

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