112. Yellow Wood

Carolan appeared at the launch of Phil Langran’s new album ‘Falling Light’ at Beeston’s Yellow Wood Café on September 8th.

The album sees Phil again working with producers Boo Hewerdine and Chris Pepper at Saltwell Studio. All but one of the twelve songs is a recent work, largely composed in the twilight zone of necessary isolation. The exception, ‘Dunmanus Bay’, was written in the late 1980s and has proved to be a perennial favourite with audiences and fellow performers.

(Album cover photograph by Jenny Langran)

Yellow Wood is one of Beeston’s newest cafés and this was their first gig. It proved to be a lovely venue, intimate with great acoustics so we could play ‘naked’, with no amplification to get in the way. That’s one of the most intimidating performance situations for many players as you can hear a pin drop and there’s nothing to hide behind, but also one of the most rewarding when you can play subtly and naturally.

Carolan was along for just one song, “You Can’t go Back”, where a slide guitar part in open D minor tuning really suits its voice and action. Here we are in action:

Phil, Steve and Carolan at the Yellow Wood cafe (photograph by Jenny Langran)

Thanks Phil and Yellow Wood for a lovely gig and good luck with the album!

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