1. Watch out for the Gypsy jazz fret dot at the 10th fret rather than the 9th. Some people cover it up with tape so as not to get confused.
  2. The 3rd string peg on the bridge is a bit wonky and tends to fly out and ping you on the face when you change the strings. You’ll need to carefully hold it in.
  3. You can remove the sound hole on the top to get inside or to enjoy a different experience of hearing the guitar as you play. Its held in by little magnets and they do occasionally fall off. If so, just keep them safe and let us know or glue them back on.
  4. You can learn about the guitar’s history at this blog: There are posts for how it was made, people who have played it and various research stories too.
  5. Carolan also has a Facebook page at: Feel free to post, comment and share.
  6. And a Youtube channel at:
  7. If you want to try out scanning the Artcodes then you’ll need to Artcodes app which is free on the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android. You can learn more about Artcodes at: Steve will be more than happy to guide you through this.