19. Smell

The more observant among you will have a question.

How do we access inside of our guitar? What if we need to change its battery, maintain its pickup, or just smell it?  After all, surely we all grab a quiet moment from time to time to sniff the insides of our guitars, savouring their familiar, woody and homely smell. Don’t we?

Nick has provided an elegant and innovative solution in the design for the sound hole on the topside. Not only does this help you hear the instrument’s voice, but it can also be removed so that you can get your hands (or nose) right inside.

Soundhole In Situ

Soundhole In Situ

It’s a cute design. A small groove let’s you insert a fingernail and gently lift the panel away from the instrument, while a series of four small magnets underneath hold it in place when fixed. The result looks and feels lovely. The panel is easy to remove and replace but also stays in place when the guitar moves.

Soundhole Removed

Soundhole Removed


Upside-down Showing Magnets

Upside-down Showing Magnets


The View Inside

The View Inside

Of course, it’s also a scannable code, linking you to the user guide that you might need during maintenance.



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