26. Photo shoot

Carolan’s been very busy since Nick added the finishing touches, making friends with guitarists and admirers alike, many of whom will feature in future blog posts. Despite a busy social diary the team manged to book a slot for Carolan to attend a studio so we could capture some photos of our baby.

front1back 2

Some close ups of the Celtic knotwork on Carolan’s soundboard …

front side anglefront from side 1

bottom to top

We can’t stop looking at the lovely figuring in the flamed Maple on the back and sides. The use of light coloured woods all round gives a very distinctive look, Carolan certianly stands out in a crowd …

back side angle

Headstock 1

… and we can’t stop playing with the removable soundhole on the top, as discussed in blog post 19: Smell. Some guitarists who have played Carolan say it sounds better for the player with the soundhole taken out. It’s like your own personal monitor!

side soundhole coming outside soundhole out

… and finally, we’re still checking that the codes work!

scanning side soundhole

scanning front code











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