31. Coquette

A coquette? Who Carolan? Flirting to gain people’s admiration? Well maybe just a bit.

This time, we’ve been flirting with rising star of the jazz world Remi Harris who was in town to play at the first Beeston Jazz Festival. Like Lulo Reinhardt who we met before back in post 27, Remi is a virtuoso Gypsy Jazz player. Perhaps there was some strange magic in that gypsy-style 10th fret marker that Nick added to Carolan’s neck?

Luckily Remi had time to drop by the Mixed Reality Lab to play some tunes and share his thoughts about guitars. Like many guitarists, he was able to recall nearly every scratch, ding, dent, and piece of wear and tear on his guitars, associating them with particular events right down to the distinctive way in which he held them as he practiced his technique for hours on end.

We’ll be posting some interviews with Remi soon, but in the meantime we hope that you enjoy these tracks as much as we did.

First up is Remi playing the swing-standard ‘Coquette’.

And here is a new tune called ‘There Will Never be Another You’.

And finally ‘Waltz for Debby’

You can hear more of Remi’s wonderful music and find out how to see him at his website. We strongly recommend that you do.

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