63. Abbey Road

Carolan has visited the legendary Abbey Road studios. We took part in the ‘FAST’ project industry day, promoting the research results of the Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies (or FAST) research project, a five year endeavour to explore future music technologies, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). FAST has brought together a large team of researchers from Nottingham, Queen Mary and Oxford Universities to explore how various emerging technologies including the Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality can transform the ways in which music is produced and consumed in the future. Carolan was one of FAST’s flagship demonstrators, showing how these technologies might enhance the experience of owning and playing an everyday musical instrument. Heres a quick video about the project showing how the day unfolded. You’ll spot us around 3 mins and 10 seconds in (just after Climb! from Post 62).


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